Saturday, July 26, 2008

Home, Home on the Range...

Ok, so it's not the range, it's my neighbor's pasture, but it's 5 acres, instead of one.

The land is separated into 3 separate pastures, with automatic waterers and trees. I turned Kaci and Jazzy into the smallest one. The two love birds trotted around, checking out their new digs, then settled in to much some grass.

In the largest, I turned out Shyanna, Doodle (formerly Redman) and Angel. They trotted and postured and squealed over the fence at Kaci, then settled down.

In the third, I turned out Joy. She was NOT happy about the separation...AT ALL! So after everyone else was all settled in, I let her in with Angel, Shyanna, and Doodle. She loped around, squealed over the fence at Kaci, then went to each of the other horses in turn, squealed and kicked at them. They all moved off, giving her some space, deferring to the "Granny Mare" as the boss.

They are all happily mowing through grass in the sunshine, tails swishing, and generally well pleased with life.

With all the trotting and loping that Joy did, she'll probably be really sore tonight. No worries...I can make her comfortable.

The only thing missing is Heddy and Honey...


ORSunshine said...

Yay for Joy! Sounds like she's enjoying life!

Our new horse moves up to us next weekend. Charlie's only issues are he's fat and he doesn't like to canter. Now, those are easy fixes!

Give Joy love and a treat for me!

Karen V said...

I just brought everyone "home"..I put them back in their stalls. As expected, Joy was limping. She got a cup of grain and two ounces of B-L Solution...she'll be feeling better real soon!

ORSunshine said...

Somedays though, the pain is worth the few minutes of happiness. I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia, so I know I can relate to Joy. I bet she loved stretching her legs!

Karen V said...

LOL! I'm sure she did! She was acting like a young horse, all up on the muscle, posturing, squealing and carrying on. For a few minutes, I forgot about her troubles. I totally noticed it though when I led her home. (Which is just next door, through the back gate - 35 yards maybe) She was having a rough go of it. Poor darling. I'm off to check again and make sure she comfortable.