Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Could we not poop in the water bucket....PLEEASE?

I came home tonight and Joy was extra vocal. I figured she was STARVING so I threw her some hay, then opened gates to let the rest of the mob (except one) out on pasture. Then I came around to check the waterers...the ones I have to fill by hand.

Joy had pooped, MORE THAN ONCE, in her water! Apparently, she was not happy about me moving the tub closer to the shade. I'd gotten tired of scrubbing the algae out of the tub every other day. sigh

She had a big long drink, then went to the grain feeder and snuffled around, then gave me "The Look". You know, the one that says "Umm...excuse me. Empty here." I explained to her that if she didn't poop in the water, she wouldn't be thirsty. She just looked at me, so I guess I'm back to scrubbing algae. yea


hope4more said...

HA HA!! Gee guess she got her point across loud and clear. Alge scrubbing it is!

Karen V said...

SO NOT FUNNY! It's friggin HOT here! I think I figured the algae thing out though. DUH! Sometimes I can be so blonde!

Her water tub get over-spray from the sprinklers at night. It's getting a little boost from the irrigation water. All I need to do now is figure out where I can put the tub where it won't get over-spray and she won't poop in it.

BAH!!! I'm probably going to have to switch her out to another stall. (DANG MARE!!!)

Crazy3dayer said...

Karen: Springtimeinc.com has Garlic supplement that works WONDERS on flys. I used it w/my rehab and use the dog supplements I really like them. And VERY cost effective.

Karen V said...

I will definately try the garlic! That's what I use to keep the mosquitos away from ME! (Me being so sweet and all....)