Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How do YOU spell relief?

I've got a line on a feed supplement for Joy that will help repel the flies. It's by Springtime and it's natural garlic. Who'd've thunk it?

It makes sense though.

You know, it would help tremendously if the silly girl would use her OPEN stall for a toilet.

I suppose I should update her feed schedule, since she's progress to the point where I've cut some things out.

5 pound teff hay

5 pound teff hay
3 pounds Strategy GX
2 pound Equine Senior
1 scoop SLH Bright Eyes (Yes...I see improvement)

Her flakey dry itchy skin HAS improved. I haven't seen her scratching, other than the dang flies. There IS one spot on the point of her hip that she's chewed the skin off, about the size of a nickel. This tells me that she's still itchy there.

So this Friday, after her dental appointment, she's going to get a bath in comcentrated T-Cleanse. Her coat is shiny and feels a little oily to the touch. That's from the Amplify, which she isn't getting any longer. I never got my lazy butt to the store to look for something like a coat moisturizer.

I have a new fly spray that I'm using that's mMarigold extract based. It smells like candy! Rated number 1 by a Horse Magazine trial.

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ClunyCapull said...

I am not an expert, but I have had great results feeding Flaxseed- I add ~3/4 of a cup, ground up in a coffee grinder in each feeding.

(for skin issues, that is . . .)