Thursday, July 31, 2008

An interesting observation...

Over the past few weeks, an observation has come to me slowly, sort of like something materializing out of the fog of distraction...

One fact that is known, is that Joy has problems. Internal, external, systemic. Some have been identified, some are assumed, some, well, some you just know are there but you don't have a word for it.

At my barn, I have 5 12X12 stalls that are open on one side to a drylot run. Other than support post, the side is totally open. See here.

In other pictures, you can see the stall fronts

Ok, now to get to the point...I hung fly strips on every stall front. When I walked down the barn to feed, EVERY strip was LOADED with flies, EXCEPT in front of Joy's stall, which is 2nd from the end!


ORSunshine said...

That's kinda really ewwie and gross when I think about it. I'd rather not. "La la la la! Sunshine, daisies, fuzzy bunnies!" Joy can't be so sick that flies will avoid her. Ick! Poor baby!

Ok, it's still a disgusting observation. But, it really does say something. It makes my heart ache and my eyes well. So, if it's that bad, is there any reason to not start the extra spoiling earlier?

My Charlie likes bananas. He'd like to send one to Joy.

Karen V said...

Maybe the flies like her a LOT more... I do think there is something going on systemically, though..

I would love to stuff her with apples, but that's one of the things that she's allergic to. Go figure. So, if I were to spoil her with apples on a regular basis, she's get all itchy and be more miserable in her last days.

The itchiness has cleared up for the most part, either than or she can't get a good angle on the stall door.

She DID get half a pound of carrots last night. It was hysterical - orange slobber! Looked like she was wearing orange lipstick!

ORSunshine said...

try bananas! My horse loves them!

Karen V said...

I will try bananas... What kind of ...err.....effect do they have on the poo???

ORSunshine said...

None that I've found. Just start her off slowly and see how she handles it. With Charlie, all you have to do is break off the stem. He'll eat peel and all!

I can't find it right now, but there was a study done that showed horses actually prefer bananas over apples. I think it has to do with sugar content.