Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, THAT is new behavior....

Kaci is a 20 yr old TB gelding who, up until last August, was a hunter/jumper at a show barn. His owners didn't have a use for him, so gave him away on, which could have ended very badly for him.

Anyway, Kaci is totally in LOVE with Jazzy, an 8 yr old QH mare. I mean MOTHERED UP!!!

Yesterday, I turned everyone out on pasture, except for Jazzy, who is so fat she's in danger of founder and exploding. Over at my neighbors, they have a dry lot that is adjacent to one of the grass pastures. I put Jazzy in the dry lot, and turned Kaci out on pasture. For the rest of the day, Kaci was pinning his ears, lowering his head into attack mode, charging the fence, just basically acting as though he hated the mare and would do her some damage if they were turned out together.

What's up with THAT!!

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ORSunshine said...

Boys! Can't live with them, can't legally shoot them!

Maybe she was saying something nasty? After all, we aren't horses and don't fully understand horse-ese. Now, I train dogs and have seen like behavior with my own dogs. I, being human, (no, really) don't catch every nuance of body language.

Just a thought!