Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The New Girl

Shyanna is owned by my daughter's friend. She used to be at my house, but they felt that $100 a month was too much to pay for board, plus I was always telling that the mare needed wormed, and that she needed trimmed. So they moved to mare to a different friend's house, where she's been for the past two and half years. Well, the other friend (who is 17) decided that she didn't want to live at home anymore and took off to live God only knows where. So her parents decided that they're selling EVERYTHING and the horse needed to be moved.

So Shyanna came to stay at my house again. She is a 9 yr old reg. paint, breeding stock, either daghter or grand-daughter of Scribbles on top, and grand-daughter of Mardell Dixon on the bottom. She's about 15 hands...maybe. She weighs about 800 pounds. Maybe.

This mare is SKINNY! God only know how long it's been since she's been seen by a farrier, probably the last time she was trimmed at my house. Asshat redneck other friend's dad said, "When they got a little long, he'd called her to come ride her down the road." Hmm....

I asked when she was wormed last. "Oh, she's not around outside horses, so she didn't need it. Hmmm....

At other friend's house there was no grass (not even in the yard), just sand. I'm guessing she needs to have her teeth done. DUH!

As for other friend's horses, there are three. A seasoned rodeo/barrel racing paint gelding. A QH mare - show horse. (Do 4-H shows count?) And a 4 yr old cuter than shit mustang. AND> guessed it....he's a stallion. The kill buyer offered the guy $50 a head for them.

I told him, "If you want to sell them, get their teeth floated, get them shod, WORM them, fatten them up, and take a brush to them. Oh yeah, and cut the balls of that stallion. Not many people want a mustang ANYTHING, let alone a stallion. And most people aren't set up to handle stallions. Once he's gelded, put 60 days training into him and MAYBE, you can get $1,000 for him. But that's pushing it. There's just no market for mustangs. And there's no market for seasoned well trained horse that have crappy feet and look like shit."

Can you believe it? He got pissed. Asked me to just take the horse and leave. So I did...giggling and snickering, and cussing his stupid rotten ass for not seeing that his horses are HUNGRY and in bad shape!

I'm also very disgusted with the fact that this mare's owner ALLOWED her to get into that condition. At least she's not covered in ticks! That would be just too much.


Joy was all mad at me tonight because she only got hay. I didn't appear out of the tackroom with the magic bucket with yummy stuff in it. She called me a bad name as I stepped up onto the porch to go into the house. I think she meant it, too....


hope4more said...

My horses call me bad names all the time, glad I am not the only one.

I am so sad for the fate of the other horses left there.

Karen V said...

It's just heartbreaking! When this mare was at my house, she was in BEAUTIFUL condition. She looks so pitiful and unhappy!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

It does not take long for them to go downhill. I have seen shocking changes in 2-3 months.

Drsgjunky said...
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Drsgjunky said...

A hundred dollars is to much too pay?

Chayrist... Double that and I'll be happy to clean the paddocks, water, clean stalls, paint the house and care for my horse.

Man, some peoples kids.

Nice setup Karen. If I could find work over there - I'd be there. We SO want to move east of the mountains.