Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little changes...

Joy has made enough progress that at this point, the changes are subtle. She's gained back some of the weight she's lost, is grazing out on the pasture (occasionally), and will actually doze in the sun.

About dozing in the sun...I think this might be in response to the SLH Bright Eyes. Since she's been here, she has stayed in the barn during the day. Yesterday, despite the heat (95 degrees), she stood out in the sun dozing. I found that to be interesting. Her eyes are also no longer weeping yellow gunk. I remain cautiously optimistic.

Because Joy hangs out in the barn so much and uses her stall as her bathroom, there are a LOT of flies tormenting her. I sprayed her down with fly spray last night and she was a lot more comfortable.

*RANT - Why can't a fly spray maker create a sprayer that friggin WORKS!*

The only fly spray I've found that has a spray that makes a fine mist and works every time is "Go 'Way Spray". I really like it because it doesn't contain chemicals, which could exasserbate her allergic reaction. I've also used it on myself. It's expensive, but since it's a very fine mist, a little goes a LONG way.


BuckdOff said...

Karen, what a nice blog, I've never visited before, it's really great of you to take this on, it seems you have made progress with Joy. My stable is using some spray based on Marigold right now, it seems to work pretty well. The spray is not superfine though.

Karen V said...

buckdoff - I have that too...I think. It's marigold based something. It's out in the barn and though it's only 50 feet from the house, it's DAMN hot! At 5:20, it 99.6 degrees with 23% humidity. AND...I just came in from feeding. I'm going to have to cool off before I walk ALL the way back out there....LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!