Friday, July 11, 2008

So funny!!!

I got a kick out of watching Joy today. She'd walk over to the water trough, stick her nose in, then sling her head, raining drops onto her neck. Maybe this is the reason the rainrot (at least that's what I THINK it is) never cleared up. A - her mane was trapping moisture and blocking air and light, B - she kept getting it wet!

What a goofy girl!

We didn't make it to the dental appointment. Something came up and it's been postponed. I serious don't think her teeth are a MAJOR issue anyway, since she's gain a LOT of weight.

I have a call in to the farrier. She's getting long, though she has great feet! No chipping or anything.

I picked up a product today called "Calm Coat". It's supposed to help with itchy skin. They had a huge bottle at the feed store for $36.99, but I opted for a smaller amount. Cheap, I know, but why spend the money if it's not going to help any more than the M-T-G?? Don't get me wrong, the M-T-G HAS helped, but it's in a little squirter bottle. The Calm Coat is going to be transferred to a spray bottle - one of those $1 specials from Walmart. After all, it DOES say on the bottle to use it sparingly....

Project #2 - Shyanna

Shyanna has been here for 11 days now and has gained a TON of weight. I'm going to worm her again tonight. She has settled in and is showing her attitude! I remember now...she's a rotten, crabby, bitch of a horse. I figure in another 2 weeks, I'll be able to start riding her. She also has a date with the farrier. This mare is only 8 or 9 yrs old and has already been to Hell and back.

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