Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm so mean.....riiiiight!

Ok so I said last night that I didn't feed grain and supplements. Softy that I am, it bothered me until I got off my hot and sweaty butt and went out and made up the buckets. Joy apologized for calling me bad names and decided she loves me after all.

Joy is looking SO GOOD! She almost looks...fat? Well...not fat in the same way Stephanie's "air puffs" are fat, but for Joy, fat. She's getting a major haircut tomorrow! I've got the green light from Cathy to "roash away". The MTG will help it to grow back fast! The bald spots had noticable growth is just under a week. Maybe the light and air will heal up the grungy gunk that lurks there...

Joy is also getting a bath tomorrow. I'm going to try the Head N Shoulders shampoo, see if that helps. I noticed that she is a LOT less itchy than she was when she got here. I just might have to break out the clippers tonight.

Joy has been on the SLH Bright-Eyes for what??? a week and a half? I was checking her tonight and her eyes looked...well...BRIGHTER!


Shyanna is settling in. She calls for her former herdmates. Trauma = drama. I listed all the things that her owner would need to get her "put back together". The girl is 17, yet she got in her car and went to the nearest ATM to withdraw the money. I was pleasantly surprised. Near as I can tell, the only thing wrong with this mare, other than her God-awful feet, is that she just wasn't getting enough food. Plain and simple.

Cathy blogs about this ALL THE TIME, but I hadn't witnessed this depth of asshattery, ever! To steal her term, I'm aghasted!

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