Tuesday, July 15, 2008

EEeewwww...What's that smell??

I came home and hosed Joy off tonight. I figured with as hot as it's been the last week or so, she could use a hosing off, just to wash the sweat and dusty, crusties off.

Once the water hit, there was a strong, sickly sweet smell. Very cloying and heavy. My husband walked out about 10 minutes after I was done and said, "Sheesh! What stinks?" It's like those humans that have a milk allergy and emit a strong body odor. You know the ones...

So I'm back to thinking....Joy has something systemic going on.

She's been on a probiotic since she's been here, so the gut enzymes should be leveled out.

What is it? and...what can I feed her to balance out whatever is causing it?



ORSunshine said...

Karen, this sounds like a perfect time for blood work. There could be something more going on with her internally that maybe diet alone can't fix. Some diabetics give off a yeasty, alcohol smell when their blood sugar is out of whack. I know there are a few pretty serious diseases where animals and humans can give off a cloying smell. I just can't remember which ones right now off the top of my head. And sometimes what an animal is eating will affect their smell too. I know some pugs who smell nasty and they eat a nasty smelling prescription diet. As they say, what goes in must come out. However, it doesn't always come out as poo. Just some food for thought.

Karen V said...

Yeah...that's what I've been thinking. It's something internal/systemic. When presented with these "puzzles", it's nice to hear from people and get different ideas. I posted a question on a different board and three out of five people said blood work also. I guess that's the next step with this girl. Thank you!

ORSunshine said...

Hi Karen,

How's Joy doing?