Thursday, April 1, 2010

That noise you heard...

That was Mike popping his cork.


I've been trying to sell or rehome Millie. I got her for free, so I'm totally cool with someone taking her and making her into the horse she is meant to be. I really need the room, and the lighter load, so I thought of a gal in Walla Walla. Cindy agreed to take her if I could deliver her. Sure - no problem!

Um yes, BIG problem! Millie wouldn't load. W O U L D N O T ! ! ! !

Kali and I couldn't get it done. So, I'll gave up and decided to try again tomorrow with the help of an old cowboy who is "seeing" the quirky neighbor.

So Mike comes home and I tell him where Millie is going. That's when he said, "OH HELL NO!! I'll put her down before Cindy gets her!!"

So instead, once we get her loaded, she's going to Rawley Stanley for training.


Nikker - Squirrel did NOT leave. She's still here, standing around, eating, pooping. I thought I'd hear at least SOMETHING. But nope! Why can't people just send me an e-mail and say "Thank you but I found a horse that's a better fit."

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Nikker said...

Although its shocking, I love it when Chad passionately adds his $.02to my horse decisions...lets me know he does love them! ( : Made me smile to see that it happens to you too!
Did Squirrel Girl leave?