Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to business..

And that business is horses.

Remember Kaci when Stace brought him home? He looked like this:

This morning, he looks like this:

I think he's finally getting close to where I want him. Maybe another 100 pounds. He could use some flesh on his topline.

In other news.....

I neglected to LATCH the chain to Shyanna's stall last night. When I got up this morning, all groggy and stumbling around, I wondered why all the horses weren't outside the barn and looking at the house. That is the normal morning routine. I took the dogs out and heard Kaci squealing, and again wondered why.

About the fourth time Kaci squealed, I put the dogs in the house, my shoes on my feet, and headed out to the barn. I found Shyanna and 500 gallons of pee outside Kaci's stall. Well, that explains it.

I put her in her pen and surveyed the barn. She'd helped herself to breakfast as some point and wasn't very tidy about it. So before I even got my coffee, I was cleaning up the mess and feeding the ponies. My fault. My fail. Learn from it. You'd think I would!

Millie is still here. The weather has calmed down and is supposed to be nice through the weekend. I talked to Tara and come hell or high water, Millie is getting on the trailer on Saturday!! I've got the waders and the slickers staged and ready by the door.

The new pooch is settling fine. He is becoming more connected to us and is a VERY nice little dog. We still have some issues to work through but that will come with time. He is already 1,000% better than he was. He has attached himself to Kali, which is fine.

We also changed his name to Jasper. It fits him.

Princess Aria went home yesterday. Prince Asher could care less about her. He showed zero interest and instead set to organizing the shoes by the door. Then again, Aria was sleeping at the time. Perhaps when she starts making noise, he'll realize she is his baby sister and not a doll.

I interviewed for a job yesterday. It was going very well until she got to the "HR Corny Questions". She asked, "Why do you want to be a Procedure Writer?"

My mind went completely blank and I said, "Because I need a job." I tried desperately to recover, saying that I'd done that in the past, but I was totally stuck on the "Because I need a job."

I mean DUH!!! I'm interviewing for a job here! I felt like such an idiot! Come to find out, I will be updating procedures and reformatting them to WORD 2007 from Word Perfect 5.1! Hmm... update much? I was hired to do the very same thing in 1994, though it wasn't WORD 2007.

So that is my news.


luvredponies said...

Ouch! A moments inattention and, yikes, your mouth just takes over! I was on a hiring board once and asked a candidate why he felt he should get the job over the other potentials. He told me he didn't know...

phaedra96 said...

Uhmm, yeah. I had a perfectly decent answer until you asked...

Karen V said...

Thinking about it now, I'm really annoyed by the question in the first place. I mean how many little girls say "I want to be a procedure writer when I grow up!?" NONE!!

I wanted to be a procedure writer because (a) I am unemployed and (b)it pays a wage. It really is that simple.

Kind of makes me wonder what the heck kind of unicorns and butterflies answer she was expecting.

Oh well, all I can do is laugh about it now. Not much else I CAN do.

Nikker said...

The old guy looks good!
I hate job interviews...being judged face to face on my worthyness for said position is soo stressful!! And why does it seem that the person asking the question is always a little girl with big boobs on display or an old bat who has no real idea what its like out there in the open job market? Crossing my fingers that your honesty and experience will land you the job even if the answer lack flare- the truth is the truth!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I have said that I want the job because I rescue horses and they like to eat. I got the job I said that to, too!