Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From screaming to crying...

I'll get straight to the point. Squirrel unloaded me yesterday.

And it was TOTALLY my fault.

She was pretty goosey while I was trying to saddle her.

She was jigging and hopping. She gave me plenty of warning.

She is in heat and was calling the entire 10 minutes I was on her.

I neglected to longe her before I set out.

She hopped across a curb and up a little sand hill and crow hopped. That unseated me and off I came. WHAMO!! Right on my hip in a HUGE honking tumbleweed! Then she set out for home.

A guy in a pickup passed her and came looking for me. He was kind enough to give me a ride home. Squirrel was playing kissy face with Frankie when we got there. We were only about a mile from home...maybe not even that much.

Now for the injuries: my pride, numerous stickers in my arms and back, the meat of my right butt cheek is SORE but the bruising is deep enough that I can't see anything on the skin, the inside of my left knee is bruised, the bottom of my left calf just above the Achilles tendon is bruised, my left thumb hurts, my right shoulder is very sore, and my pride. Did I say my pride?

So I jumped on the phone and offered her to someone. You can HAVE her! All was good. Then the rearing thing last summer came up. Oh yeah... that. It was one time and cause by the neighbor's attack pony. Doesn't matter. The deal is a no go. I don't blame her.

So now what? Barb suggested I longe the crap out of her and ride her every day. UGH! I hurt and I'm spooked and I don't wanna.

Send her out for a tune up? That will cost money I just don't have right now.

Breed her? She produces awesome babies and is very well bred. But babies are a pain in the ass! BIG TIME!! Besides, the stallion that I want to breed her to isn't standing this year.

My neighbor, who was with me, said Squirrel was a really nice mare but not a horse for me. So true! Then she asked "Are you a horse rider or a horse sitter?" Once upon a time, I'd have said "Horse rider." Now I'm not so sure. Horse sitting doesn't get me dumped in a tumbleweed.

So I sit inside, pondering this nice mare that I'm afraid to ride, nursing my wounds and my pride in a hydrocodone induced haze.

Now what...

In other news, I figured out the whole Kaci thing. He and Jazzy have broken up. The love affair is OVER! He is now dating Squirrel. No wonder I got unloaded. I took her away from her boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

First off Karen, scream & cry all you want - no one will blame you.

Second, your friend Barb is right, lunge the holy crap out of that mare everyday! I totally understand if you dont want to ride but she needs to get all that extra energy out! When you feel comfortable enough and she is dead tired - you need to get back up in the saddle - with someone there to help you. Go back to basics - ride on a lunge line BUT get back on - don't let her defeat you!

Third, you already know all this but just want you to know from someone who has been there also!

I had to make myself get back on a mare who sized me up before I got on. The mare bucked me off on purpose, as that was her MO. I thought I could work on her - but she had me on the gound after 3 bucks. OUCH! Scared the crap out of me but I got back on AFTER the mare got a huge workout by my step daughter. I was lead around at first and then rode on my own in the round pen for a bit. Still scared but it did settle my nerves and I didn't let this mare get the best of me.

Hope you got a long hot soak in the tub, oh and advil works wonders also :)

Let us know how things go,
K.Park, Lk Wales,FL

Nikker said...

Man oh, man! That really sucks! I am sorry you are all bruised up! If I were closer to you, I'd take your Squirel least for the summer...
Bumms me out to hear you're not wanting to ride her again. Wish I could help you! ( :

Karen V said...

Nikki - Say the word and I'll bring her on up! Just send me directions!