Saturday, April 17, 2010

Millie REALLY Goes To School!!

Tara came this afternoon and the two of us were able to encourage Millie enough to get on the trailer. It was big and scary and had a strange horse in there, but she managed to swallow her "fear" and pull up her big girl panties and jump on.

Tara noted that she was being spoiled and stubborn.

Millie? Really? Umm....YEAH!

But she is off to school, but only 25 minutes away...close enough for me to drop in on her, which Tara said I can do whenever I like. Maybe I'll bring a horse and we'll ride out together!

I'm just so excited!

So now, I've got Bullwinkle and Frankie separated at feeding time. I want to make sure that Frankie is eating ALL that I give him, which will soon include Strategy. He's not going through a growth spurt, but he's lean and ribby. I realize that he's Appendix registered, but I'm having problems keeping the weight on him. I'm glad that he belongs to Cathy, not me! So we're going to add some higher fat feed to try to fill him out a little. Tara thought that since he's three, perhaps his teeth needed to be looked at.

Hopefully, focused nutrition and lack of competition for feed will help! Plus, they are getting pasture time three days a week.


fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Yeah, we'll do his teeth but I am really not too concerned about a little ribby. He is still growing and growing fast from all reports. A little ribby is better than OCD and who knows what else from overfeeding. I think you're doing fine with him!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...
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Nikker said...

Good luck Millie! Learn lots and make your mom proud! ( :