Friday, April 30, 2010

Psssss...That's the sound of the wind leaving my sails.

UPDATE 1:00 pm - The wind died down so I sucked it up, saddled up, and mounted up. Angel ALMOST broke a sweat even. I really love that horse!!

10:21 am - I looked outside. The sun was shining. It was about 58 degrees. I thought I would take up Fugly's challenge and climb on Angel with just a snaffle (after running the stink of her first, of course) and tool around the arena. She can be SO much fun to ride.

I even went hunting for my riding pants. I couldn't find them so I just grabbed an old pair of Levi's and put them on the bed. I walked out to turn the boys out on pasture, and CRAP! The wind is blowing. Why didn't I see that?

Stupid wind.

Since I don't have a whole lot of motivation anyway, I decided that I'd just not ride.

I have some running around to do, so I might as well do that. I don't like the wind. I'd rather ride in the rain than in the wind.

Stupid wind!


luvredponies said...

We are in south Wasco county in North Central Oregon, and gosh dang it if the wind doesn't blow almost non-fricken stop there! It is worse than the coast sometimes. I also hate to ride in the wind, but if I didn't I probably never would get a chance to get out. It does have a way of sucking the very life out of you sometimes...

mrscravitz said...

I am MOST certainly SICK and TIRED of this blamed wind too! Today is bad. Yesterday it DID calm down for a little bit. But then as the sun went down, it got wild again! Grrrrrrrrrr.

Nikker said...

I hate the wind too!! Its been blowing here non-stop, or so it feels for two days now...with rain. My horses are FAT, but you won't catch me riding in the wind either!!
Glad you got to enjoy a ride on Angel!! ( :