Monday, April 19, 2010

Can I scream now?? Please say "Yes!"

It's just been one of those days!!!

The whole "Kaci thing" has been an annoyance all day long. Then this evening, we had the window open in the office and for most of two hours, we heard his squealing. Mike turned to me and said, "Sounds like they're in love again." I thought "Great!", maybe Kaci will quit all the crap!

So about 10 o'clock, I went out to give Kaci his last tub of feed and turn on the barn light, and though Squirrel and Jinx started talking to me, Shyanna didn't come into the barn like she usually does. She is one of the most noisy horses I know, never missing an opportunity to throw her two cents worth in on how I'm slow to get hay to her. I got to the other end of the barn and still no Shyanna. RUH ROH... where's the mare.

The tapes lying on the ground between her pen and Kaci's was a good indication. She'd gone through them. I thought "Hey, wait a second. I KNOW I plugged the fence in, especially since Kaci was acting like an idiot!" I Went back into the barn. Yup, plugged in. The tapes were NOT snapping on the ground, so the fence was off. What the...?

About that time, Shyanna came loping into the barn, in Kaci's run. Lucky for me that she is "twine broke", meaning you can lead her all over with just a piece of twine around her neck. I was able to pull her out and get her into her stall and the barn door closed, locking her in.

Then I went out and put the tapes back up. The outlet has a little indicator light on it that tells you if you have power. Nothing. I checked the switch, which is 8 feet up on the wall in Shyanna's stall. Off. Great! Thanks Mike! I turned it on and still nothing.

Since it was after 10, I just ran an extension cord from the other end of the barn. Thank God I had one that long! I stepped outside Kaci's stall and heard the fence charger clicking. Hurray! It's working! That should contain the horses for the night. Then I had to walk the fence between Kaci and Jazzy and make sure the fence was still up. I had to do this with a flashlight. Have I ever told you that Jazzy is FREAKED out about the flashlight beam? Lucky for me that I was on the other side of the fence. I DID have to step out of the way, cuz although Kaci saw the shiny light, I don't think he realized it was held by the Queen of Everything (that would be me since I feed him). Luckily, I can be nimble when I need to be. (Like that stupid song says "I got the swagger of a cripple") The fence was still up, though sagging and snapping in a couple places.

So they are all buttoned up for the night and as I sit here typing, smelling of pulverized horse poop, I don't hear the relentless thundering of hooves that tell me that Kaci is still being a jackass (Nikki - no offense to your little critters).

And, now that I've typed this all out, I don't really feel like screaming anymore. I'll settle for a straight shot of whiskey and head for bed.

I've said it before... there are days when I truly want to shoot one or more of my horses. Mike said I can do it any time I so choose, just as long as I've already dug the hole. Most of the time, I find that I'm too old to dig a hole that big by hand and I don't have a tractor that could handle the job. So I sit and talk about screaming and shooting my horses. Seriously! I'd have already screamed if Mike wasn't already asleep. (He gets cranky when I wake him up screaming. Boring old man!)

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luvredponies said...

I think it is called "talk therapy" and it is good for you. Screaming at the key board is a great release and you don't hurt anyones feelings. Besides, as I have pointed out before, it is good to read the misery of another because it has a way of brightening ones own day. Funny, it seems we all go through the same stuff with the horses (broken fences, lameness issues, picky eaters, too much poop, you name it) but still it feels like we are alone in our misery. It is good to know there is someone else out there walking a broken fence at midnight, flashlight in hand...