Thursday, April 22, 2010


If you are a follower of the Very Large Colt blog, or the Fugly blog, you know that Bullwinkle is an oopsie son of Cecil aka VLC. You also know what a great mind Cecil has. I was privileged to actually see Cecil in person more than once, and I tell you, he is an amazing horse!

Lucky for me, Bullwinkle has inherited not only his sire's size and color, but his mind also! This colt was born broke! He is what I call an "Old Soul". Nothing rattles him!

I made a feeble attempt to clean his sheath yesterday and while he lifted his leg, he only cow kicked once. He received a gentle reprimand and took it like a champ. He did NOT care for the hose as ALL, but otherwise, he did very very well.

Bullwinkle is just so kind and gentle! He walks away from his breakfast or supper to say hi and get a cuddle or two. For a two year old baby, he behaves so much older!

I imagine him looking like this when he's older - minus the stallion jowls.(Cecil)

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