Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's FUN to run!!!

I've been busy!

This past weekend there was a three day barrel race a mile from the house, so I spent time up there talking with my friends, video-ing their runs and just basically hanging out.

One of my friends, Tara, has room to take Millie, so as soon as the roaring winds die down enough to hear each other, she is going to schedule an afternoon and come get Millie. Millie's first lesson is going to be to load in the frickin trailer!

I talked at length with Tara at the barrel race and she talked through what she does with colts. I liked what I heard! Also, she is just 25 minutes away, so dropping in to visit Millie as watch her progress won't be a problem.

I spent the past few day picking up poop. It has occurred to me, as it often does, that if I cleaned the runs more than once a week, it wouldn't take so long. The problem is getting the poop picked up every other day. Since it's so dry here, I don't have a problem with slop, so I get in the habit of letting it dry out. When I first moved to the property, I cleaned runs EVERY day. I guess I've gotten lazy in my old age!

So I picked up the last of the poop, then mowed three runs in the pasture. Then it was turn out time. I took down the tapes on the far pasture, so the babies would have more room and grass to graze. Then I turned them out. ALL of them! (Well, there's only three but sometimes it SEEMS like more...)

They ran, and bucked, and raced for about 20 minutes before settling down to the business of grazing. Millie is a great bucker! If I was smart, (which I'm NOT apparently) I'd sell her to the bucking string. That little firecracker can flat out BUCK!

Frankie farted around a little bit, then found a quiet corner. He wasn't much into this running around business!

Bullwinkle, on the other hand, can RUN! When he drops down and starts moving, e can FLY!!! Most of the time, he just sort of does his little Western Pleasure lope, but when he decides to get down to business, he can really MOVE!

I watch for the duration of the play time to make sure there weren't going to be any personality issues, then came in for some lunch. Mike wants to make spaghetti for supper so I'm going to have to go get some french bread to go with it. Since I'll be "out", I may as well treat myself to a fat burger, right?

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luvredponies said...

Mmmm, I do love a big fat burger!

I have two 2-year old geldings and a yearling that I just had gelded. I can sit and watch them for as long as they will play and wrestle, which some days is nearly non-stop. I also have a 19 year old mare who has had many babies. She is funny - the yearling will antagonize the two bigger boys, then run behind her doing that thing baby horses do with their mouth to address older horses. Occasionally, the old mare will run and buck with the boys, and that old gal can really move! She leaves the boys in the dust. Would love to have bought her at 9 instead of 19!