Friday, April 30, 2010

Scrubbing Butts...

Kali and I went to see the movie "How To Train Your Dragon". When we got back, Kaci had thrown a huge drama queen fit and taken down some of the tape. So I tromped out to the pasture to assess the damage. Two of the hangers needed replaced. On my way to the barn, I stopped and chatted with Frankie and Bullwinkle.

The boys had been hanging onto a little winter hair along their top line, and when I gave them some scratches, I saw that it is finally loose enough to brush off.

I went to the barn, got two new hangers for the tape, and a body scrubby brushy thingy (that's a technical term I think...) and returned to the pasture. I am very lucky that the boy are very friendly and good nature, because they were totally in the way, knocking me into the fence (which was off thankfully), stepping on my toes, the works.

When I finally was done, I set the drill on the other side of the fence. I figured one of them would either step on it or try to pack it off, neither of which was acceptable.

Getting the boys to stand still and wait their turn at being brushed was like herding two thousand pound cats. They both wanted the attention NOW! I had to do something obnoxious to one so he would walk away disgusted. With Frankie, I scrubbed his forehead. He took it a LOT longer than I thought he would, then walked off.

Bullwinkle positioned himself perfectly in the wind so that I didn't have to eat hair or dirt. He followed me when I walked over to start on Frankie. He also has a mild aversion to getting his forehead scrubbed, so before long, he lost interest and I was able to finish with Frankie.

The boys are now mostly shed out. Frankie is a deep dark golden palomino and Bullwinkle is a rich color of caramel. They are both striking!

One of these days, if the wind ever stops blowing, they will get a trailer ride around town. With Millie, I learned that some skills need continuing training, especially if they're babies.

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