Monday, April 12, 2010


Kali is teasing the dogs and making them howl.. sheesh!

I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Walla Walla working in the office of the barrel race there this weekend. Early mornings and late nights just aren't my thing anymore. And my feet hurt. However, I did get to meet some girls that I had only e-mailed before. THAT was fun!

I think the worst part was dealing with the bitchy girls who had "Princess Syndrome". I know that they are part of the whole "experience" but for some reason, I took it really personal this weekend! I try to be pleasant, happy that they came, go out of my way to help, and I get hammered for it. Another problem was that it was an alcohol free week for me (simply because I kept getting too busy to run to the store to stock up). I figured that if I drank enough, I wouldn't care. Note to self - include alcohol as part of the survival kit next year)

While I was there, Mike delivered a bunch of manure to some friends. Their neighbor came over and asked if he knew of anyone who wanted her dog. He is a Lab/Weinemeier mix (looks like a yellow lab), supposedly about a yr old, though he looks to me to be 7 or 8 months, neutered, shots, the works. Doesn't know that the human voice means anything. Named Tye. His owner was going to have him euthanized because she couldn't find another home for him and didn't want him to go to the shelter. (Noble thoughts, in my book) But since Mike is a sucker for yellow labs, he said "Sure! I'll take him!"

Meet Tye

The horses somehow survived without me. I got multiple texts from Mike on the proper application of the blanket to Kaci - mostly about how and where the back leg straps were supposed to be done. I walked him through it (since he has NEVER seen me blanket a horse - yes, that's sarcasm) and this morning, Kaci was naked, so I guess he just gave up. Lucky for Kaci, it stayed pretty warm over night.

ALL the horses were STARVING! *snort* Poor babies actually GAINED weight in three days. Kali told me that she was going out and throwing extra flakes to everyone because she figured dad was being "careful" with the hay.

Anyway, I'm home! Happily so! And we just got word that the doctor will be inducing my daughter-in-law tonight at 7, so hopefully, our new grand-daughter Aria will join us before mid-night!

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Katharine Swan said...

Ha ha, that would be my husband too if I left him to do the blanketing. Plus I'd probably be getting questions like, "How close to you have to get to the hind legs in order to fasten the leg straps?" And probably, "How does the halter go on again?" He is NOT horsey....