Monday, January 18, 2010

We need some prayers of comfort!

Mike is leaving for Virginia on Thursday. His mother doesn't have long to live now, in fact it'll be surprising if she makes it until he gets there.

She has been so very ill.

We went back for a week in November. For whatever reason, the oncologist talked her into starting chemo for the Stage 4 lung cancer. Mike and I both told them that it would only make her much sicker and weaker and hasten her death. That prediction is proving to be true.

So Mike leaves to say his final good-byes and if she passes while he's there, he'll attend the funeral. Knowing the time is near doesn't make it any easier on Mike, his dad, or his siblings - a brother and sister. They are all taking this very hard, even though Mike's mother has been ill and mostly disabled for a very long time.

I'm staying home to take care of the babies.

I want to say Thank You to Jim Heilig of Continental Airlines for providing Mike with Buddy Passes. We have to reimburse Jim for the taxes on the flights, but not the cost of the flights themselves. It should be around $350, instead of $1500 and up.

Flying on short notice should be CHEAPER because it would fill up the plane, but no, that's not the case.


Nikker said...

I'll be thinking of and praying for you and your family...

mrscravitz said...

My prayers are with you also.

Cheval Noire said...

Our prayers will be with you all at this hard time.

Times like this make us all appreciate what and who we have.

Sending hugs from far away ....

Anonymous said...

Sending my thoughts and prayers as well.