Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today was a GREAT Day!!!

Sometimes having Adult ADHD is a GOOD thing!

I had every intention of riding today, so after the horses were done eating, I turned the boys out on pasture and turned Jazzy out to blow off some steam. When she was done, I saddled her up and rode in the arena. I only rode her for 20 minutes or so, and just at a walk and trot. She was such a good girl! Just did whatever I wanted her to do. She took a little trip to the beauty parlor to get her bridle path cleaned up too!

Then it was Angel's turn. I turned her loose in the arena and she bucked ad farted around for about 15 minutes. When I brought her back to the barn, I had every intention of saying "Nah, I won't ride her." Before I knew it, we were walking down the road. Hmm...guess I'll ride her after all. LOL

There's a path between two houses where I ride, where I can cut through to another road, which takes me up to the trails on the hill. Normally, part of the path is skeery! One the left, there is a row of arborvitae that are 20 feet tall along a yard that has five Corgis. On the other side, there is a truck with a trailer hooked up, under a black cat hides and bolts out from under just as we are pulling along side.

Then, there are horse pastures on each side, one containing a horse eating monster (aka pony), then a little further down, there are cows. Normally, if Angel manages to survive the trauma of the pony, the cows are waiting to pick at her bones, whatever the pony flesh has left attached.

Today, nothing. Just a nice relaxed quiet walk all the way down to the end of the cow pasture. There was one cow separated from the other three and was sort of penned in. Angel drew up next to it and stuck her neck out to take a sniff. The cow just stood there and Angel took a few steps forward. Then Angel and cow went nose-to-nose. ANGEL! The one who thinks cows eat horses!

We continued on our ride, nice and relaxed. It was WONDERFUL. She was on a loose rein the entire time! I SO enjoyed myself and happy that I climbed on after all! We very rarely have rides like that! ADD Appy and ADHD Mom - normally not a very "relaxed" combination!

When I got back, I turned Millie out and came in for some lunch. It was my intention to check the fences and fix the one tape that I knew was a problem. Once I got the tapes down, I noticed that there was a bunch of poo stacked up, so I fired up the tractor and scooped it up. Then I decided that as long as I had the tractor going, I should probably groom up the drainage trough, since Jinx thinks it's her personal toilet. When i was satisfied that I'd just made a huge mess of the two runs, I finished fixing the fence decided to clean stalls.

I cleaned the stalls and at some point, made a mental note-to-self to lay in SAND, rather than clean DIRT fill. Dirt just turns to slop. Anyway, I got the stalls cleaned and then decided I should probably get the hay out of the trailer so I could park it.

I'd gone to get hay on Friday. Being the wimp that I am, I only managed to get seven bales. But hey, I'm old, out of shape, and I was alone. After huffing and puffing to knock the bales down off the top of the stack, breaking one open in the process, I said "Forget this" and headed home. I stopped to get something to eat on the way but WHOOPS, I'd left my purse at home.

So today, when I went to back the trailer into the barn to unload my "treasure", the fuel in the truck was so low I figured I'd better go get some. So off I went, a mile down the road to the little Stop N Rob and got fuel. When I got back, I managed to put the trailer right where I wanted it in the barn, without scraping the sides of the barn, trailer, or truck. How lucky is THAT?!?

I pulled the hay out and just lined the bales up. Hmm... apparently I can't count because there were only 5 bales plus the broken one. DOH! Oh well, I laid out the hay for the girls, then let them in off the pasture. I went and got Millie, put her in her stall, then out to let the boys back into the arena.

So here I sit, smelly, tired, and hungry. And it was a GREAT day!


ktibb said...

Sounds like a great day to me! I'm still waiting for things to dry out a bit here, so I didn't get any horse time in- well other than getting our mules teeth floated- standng in my carport to avoid the pouring hail mid thunderstorm!

Nivondu said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I haven't ridden a horse in years. Fantasic post.