Monday, January 18, 2010

Jinx - The MoFo Mare

Nickname: Jinx, Mofo

Jinx is the last horse we bought. We bought her for a back-up horse for my husband.
She's a registered Missouri Foxtrotter, 16 hands, 19 years old this Spring.

We bought her last July. She is very broke, but not a beginner horse. She is very forward, alert, and ready to go!

My daughter rode her today for the first time, and even though she hasn't been ridden for several months, Jinx did nothing bad! She was a little jumpy, but then, Angel was too!

Jinx is supposed to be grey, but she's so filthy right now, she's more yellow and brown. Sort of dirt and mud colored.

I'd never ridden a gaited horse before Jinx. It's kind of weird actually. Her "jog" is very smooth, and has a side to side motion. She doesn't like loping, and will try to get broncy. She doesn't sull up, she just drops her head and kicks out a little. But since she was bought to be a trail horse for the husband with the bad back, there's no real reason to lope, right?

I'll be riding Jinx more this Spring to get her back into the swing of things, so if Mike decides to ride, he's not going to have a fat, fresh horse that hasn't been ridden for months.


Denali said...

I've never ridden a gaited horse before, but we have a Kentucky Mountain gaited horse at the barn I board at and I love watching his owner ride him. At another barn they had Paso Finos and would practice for breed shows by trotting around with champagne glasses full of water. Equally cool. Your horses are beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...
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