Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caddis Cool Dorado

Caddis Cool Dorado Nickname: Bullwinkle (BW)

Bullwinkle is what you'd call an "Oopsie". His breeder's electric fence failed and his sire, Big Yellow Caddy (aka Cecil) found himself a hot little mama to romance in the middle of the night. Picture of Cecil below:

Mary bought BW as a weanling, only three months old. I went on a crazy 36 hour road trip and on the way back, pick the baby moose up and brought him to my house for a week. He needed his Coggins and health papers before he could continue his trip to Idaho.

Once in Idaho, he started his training with Mary. She had a blog about him, but she has since removed all the posts, which is sad because there was some really good information captured there.

In May of 2009, Bullwinkle came back to Pasco. He loaded and trailered like a champ because Mary had moved him to several different barns in Idaho before finding a place that was perfect for Bullwinkle. You might think this is crazy but if the horse isn't happy, and the owner isn't happy, you have to keep looking until you find THAT place that is right for you both.

So as a yearling, Bullwinkle came to Pasco to play with Millie, who was two at the time. They got along fine, with Millie being the Alpha and bossing him around. I haven't done much with him since he got here, but the little I HAVE done, I am impressed with.

Bullwinkle is an "old soul", he acts much older than he is, partly because of his quiet, willing mind, and partly because of the hands-on he got from Mary.

In November, Frankie came to stay and moved into the arena with Millie and Bullwinkle. After Beau passed, I moved Millie to her own stall in the barn.

The two boys get along fabulously! They don't have a bossy red filly pushing them around, and they play together like babies should!

Bullwinkle's education as a two year old will be learning to pony, carry a bit in his mouth, and pack around a saddle. I figure he'll pick up on it quickly!

Right now BW is in that homely two year old mutant stage. He's got a big butt, is butt high, little chest, tiny neck, and funky looking head. Someday, he will be beautiful like his daddy!

Bullwinkle is very sweet and interested in what I'm doing. At feeding time, I throw the hay out and Frankie will dig in. Bullwinkle will stay at the rail, accepting scritches and coos from me until I walk away after one final pat. I am very lucky to have this big dude!


Nikker said...

He is a cutie...gawky, but I bet he is a show stopper next spring/early summer! Love his ears and expression.
I am wondering why Fugly got so much flack for keeping the sire a stallion, his bloodlines look pretty WP to me...and his baby looks nice enough. I will watch for Cecil updates later on. He may be a good match with Horse Girl...
Also thank you for the picture sizing worked!! The image sizer didn't like that my computer wasn't Windows XP! Maybe I should update.

Jenn said...

Boy that sire sure throws clones, doesn't he. Handsome boys, your Bull and the -what does she call him- RBS?

Karen V said...

I can't remember what she calls the filly, Cecil's other oopsie. I don't think I've even seen pictures of her. Cathy says she and BW look a LOT alike.

I've already got Squirrel on the list to breed to Cecil when she decided to stand him. Cathy has seen Squirrel up close and personal and agrees that it would be a good match IF Cecil keeps his "goods"!`

verylargecolt said...

>>I am wondering why Fugly got so much flack for keeping the sire a stallion<<

LOL, 'cause I'm me. The bloodlines are actually halter on the top (his grandsire was a Superior Halter Horse) and his dam is a full sibling to a horse called Favor Mr. Sabre who has over 2000 points, mostly in pleasure but also in things as diverse as halter and barrel racing. In Bullwinkle's case, the mare's sire is Ima Cool Seeker, who was Top Ten at the World Show in halter, and her grandsire is The Dignitary who was an AQHA Champion (so he had a mix of points in both halter and performance). So, even though he was an oops, he was a good oops and once Bullwinkle grows out of his gawky stage, I'm pretty sure he's going to be absolutely stunning.

The oops filly is out of an Obvious Conclusion/Sir Quincy Dan mare called Bess Conclusion, and she and her dam are owned by friends of mine.

Both oopses are three this year. The VLC does not, of course, have any other foals - he's off to the shows this year and then he'll stand in 2011 if he earns the right to do so. He's still young and a few years of doing without won't kill him. He thinks it will :) but it won't.

verylargecolt said...

They're TWO this year. I can't count this morning, lol.