Thursday, January 21, 2010


So those are my ponies, babies, furbabies, whatever you want to call them, in order as I acquired them. (Or should I say As they suckered me)

Angel, Jazzy, Honey, Squirrel, Millie, Bullwinkle and Jinx

I have Frankie here but he's not mine and can't tell you a whole lot about him other than he's a gelding, he's tall, he's palomino, and he's a nice boy.

So the subject is "AWAY". I had this whole big train of thought filled with wit and humor. PFT and it went AWAY.

I am totally feeling sorry for myself and am ready to get the pity party started. I posted a note on a discussion board, looking for someone to ride with this weekend, totally open to anything, and I got got...NOTHING! *sigh* Fine! Be that way! I didn't want to ride with you anyway! :oP

Not really, just feeling mopey! Another lonely night without my hubby to pick on... I never realized consciously how much we really talk to each other and how much fun we have together until now... with the silence roaring in my ears.

GAH! I'm a big pitiful MESS!

Mrs Cravitz - what are you doing this weekend? Are you doing any riding? I'm willing to haul...


ktibb said...

Don't feel too bad Karen! I've been posting looking for a ridding buddy for about 6 months now, if not more and have had zero luck! I ended up having to pay someone to ride with me!! In all fairness she IS training my mare and is nice enough to loan me one of her horses so join her out on trail. She deserves every penny ;o)

I know it isn't much fun being home alone, but try to take advantage of it if you can, a little "me" time is always nice.

Take care

Nikker said...

If I weren't soo far away, I'd love to ride with you!! I ride alone all the time! Everyone around here that rides is retired and rides while I'm at work, or are dangerous and make it less than fun for me!