Friday, January 22, 2010

The Boys

Cathy wanted some pics, so I went out and snapped some. They have the evil-laser eyes, but aside from that, they looks good.

Look at that face!

This shows the height difference. Frankie is coming 3 yrs old. Bullwinkle is coming 2 years old.


verylargecolt said...

LOL furry yaks!

Bullwinkle is going to be funny looking til he's at least 3. He's going to be at least Cecil's height if not taller. Get a ladder!

Karen V said...

They both look a little butt-high to me. I LOVE Bullwinkle's shoulder and forearm! I just keep referring back to pics of Cecil and thin "Ahhh.. THAT is what he will look like...eventually!"

Nikker said...

I'm glad you posted the boys together!! I really wanted to look at Frankie!! Fun, fun, fun!!