Saturday, January 30, 2010

CHORE DAY - Update

I totally stripped the stalls! Apparently, the kids packed the poo more than I thought they had. 35 wheelbarrow loads is what I hauled out of the barn! YIKES! Most of it was super packed, some of it was super sloppy (Squirrel is loath to pee outside!), and some was just poop.

Horses produce a staggering amount of crap in a week, I'm telling you!

I also back filled two of the stalls with a yard of sand. WET sand. By my estimate, I need 3 more yards. My back is tired and sore, but it's been worse.

We are off to get hay in the morning. I've got an "adopted" son, and one of Mike's co-workers coming to help. We only need 37 bales. so it shouldn't take too long. I've got the over-head hoist in the barn to offload and stack it.

Frankie is doing MUCH better. He's still "off" on the front left, but it's more like an exaggerated step, rather than a limp.

Honey is doing MUCH worse. I don't think the problem is in her hoof now. I mean, I know there's a problem, but I think the limp is coming from an injury higher up, say like in her ankle. There's no swelling and no heat, but she is definitely LAME.

Confounded horse!

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Anonymous said...

"Horses produce a staggering amount of crap in a week, I'm telling you!"

ROFL when I read that - ya think?!?!?!!

Really glad you have an "adopted son" to help you out right now.

My thoughts and prayers for both Frankie and Honey as well as Mike and his family.

Get some rest when you can,
K. Park, Lk Wales, FL