Sunday, January 10, 2010

Leos Jazzy Music

Nicknames: Jazzy, Zazu, Zulu, Zu, The Buttless Wonder

Jazzy, (Leos Jazzy Music) was bought for Mike as a 4 year old. We knew we were going to have to put her in training, which we did. According to our trainer, she bucked twice. Once when a motorcycle went roaring past the arena, and once when a plastic grocery bag blew into the arena. She hasn't bucked with us EVER!

Being Music Mount-bred, the potential is there. What we learned from this mare is that she will NOT be bullied! You can ask and if she gets frustrated, you have to back, go to something she knows for confidence, then come back and ask her again. She will try and try, but she won't be MADE to do something.

The horse trader that we bought her from had bred Jazzy to her stallion days before we bought her. So two months in training, then we brought her home to make her baby. She delivered a big healthy grullo filly on April 1 of the following year. We sold the filly (April Fooling Around) to a gal in Roseburg, OR that fall.

We've taken Jazzy on trail rides, but haven't done a whole lot with her. I would like to put her in training with a reining trainer to get her working off her hindend. She is really bad about pulling with her frontend, and as such, has weak stifles. We plan to send her to Hermiston for some rehab and aqua therapy this spring.

We have a problem with Mike's saddle. The tree isn't broken, but there is something wrong with it. Jazzy will throw her head around and just generally act "like a pill" as Mike puts it. We long thought it was the horse. Then, my quirky neighbor let Mike ride one of her horses and he did the same thing. I'd ridden both Jazzy and the neighbor's horse without so much as a bobble, so we had an epiphany that it's Mike's saddle.

I have a saddle here that Mike can use, so this spring, we're going to have him try that saddle on Jazzy to see if it makes a difference. While this other saddle isn't going to be comfortable for Mike, if he can get an enjoyable ride out of it, we may soon be in the market for a new pleasure saddle.

So that is Jazzy. She is very easy to get along with, even though she's still what I consider green. Hopefully, a little more training and consistent riding will make her a much nicer horse to ride.


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Lovely horse, interesting about the saddle.