Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have a very cute pair of grey and black slip-on shoes. It took me a while to really LIKE them, because they felt funny. But they were cute and I really, really tried to like them, which I do! Or rather, DID!

Boomer decided he liked them too. As chew toys.

I think what happen is he gets bored and starts in on something. He's always sorry when I get home, but by then, it's too late.

He did reduced my brand new riding boots that had been worn ONCE to a clog. Seriously!

Stupid dog!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the joy of dogs...when you least expect it...SURPRISE! I can always tell when my Sadie has done something "bad"...she doesn't greet me at the door, she will hang her head low and give that half-hearted tail wag between her legs... she knows when she's done bad... what overcomes her to do those things?? I guess they are like teenagers who know it's wrong, but are willing to face the consequences for the cheap reward of a little cheese or the last lick of a wrapper in the garbage ...I think she "punishes" herself enough just thinking about what she has done. Maybe it's the power of food that overcomes us older girls..LOL

Anonymous said...

At least I can say though that my dogs haven't cost me the pair of riding boots or any shoe ...ouch, that gotta hurt.

Sally said...

I hope you can find some shoes to replace those. My doggies last little stunt was chewing up the couch cushion! (Don't worry, the hole is still there)