Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This horse is a boomerang!

Shyanna is coming back.

I posted about her here, and here, and here.

The owner (Mindy) moved to Idaho and couldn't take her, so she trusted the place where she was boarded to take care of her. We all know what tends to happen when the owner isn't around - the horse gets neglected. Mindy had a friend check in on Shyanna and the report wasn't good. She wasn't being fed. So the friend took Shyanna to his place.

Shyanna tends to be aggressive and dominant, especially with other mares. She seems to do fine with geldings though. But Shyanna kicked the crap out of the friend's horse and she needs to be moved. TODAY!

So Mindy, who happened to be in town, called me and asked if I had room. Well, um, not really, but I guess I could find a place to put her I suppose. So long as I get board money and money for any "extras", like Strategy, to put the weight back on her.

"No problem."

So in an hour or so, Shyanna will come back. Again. This will be her third time being moved here. The first was when we first bought the place. The second was when Bethany needed her moved. And now. Poor horse. I wish someone would just take care of her like she deserves!!

Oh yeah...I guess that would be me.



Nikker said...

Wow, lady! You are a wonderful horse "godmother"! What would these horses do without you?! Glad that this horse is coming to you with a caring parent who will care for her financially.

Karla said...

Cheers to you Karen for doing right my so many horses. Here's hoping that the board money keeps coming in!