Friday, March 26, 2010


I guess it started yesterday, this my decline to becoming a full-blown bitch! I really need my broom so I can fly off the handle!

I woke up yesterday morning and the wind was blowing. A cold front had moved into the area and brought cold breezing conditions. The peak gust was 52 mph. I hate wind! I can't ride. It blows my hair into my eyes. It blows hay into my face when I feed. It just makes me pissy all the way around.

Then I went shopping. I HATE shopping with a PASSION!! But I'm trying to get a job and I came to the realization that at some point, I might be called in for an interview so I might want to get an outfit together. NOTHING FIT!! There was one pair of pants that I could squeeze my hips into, and as long as I wore a blazer, I wouldn't have to zip up the back. I pulled out the blazer. It was on the bottom rung in the closet and it was cover in cat hair. So I had to wash it. Then I discovered that the dog (or the cat - neither one is fessing up) chewed on the heel of my old comfy black pumps. RAWR!! So Kali and I headed to Fred Meyer. I found two pair of really nice dress pants and two shirts. One of the shirts is going back. I shouldn't have bought it in the first place. It makes me look pregnant. So I have to go BACK...more shopping. UGH!

I was able to find two pairs of shoes. One pair is VERY cute!

Mike was supposed to go to the Veteran's Hospital last night for a sleep study. To console myself and fill in the lonely hours, Kali and I were going to dye each others' hair and paint our toes. Well the technician called in sick, so Mike's appointment was cancelled. It totally threw a wrench into my evening plans. So we started eating. Stirfry for supper. Then an ice cream sammich. Then popcorn. Oh yeah, and while we're at it, why don't we go to Dairy Queen and get a Peanut Buster Parfait??! What the heck???

I'm also trying to quit smoking. Now before you start in with the high fives, let me tell you it's only working "OK" so far. I have tried to quit in the past cold turkey (in which I gained 30 pounds) and using the patch (which gave me a rash). So this time, I'm going with the e-cigarette. It's water vapor and nicotine. That's it. There are 3 levels of nicotine, so I can step down when I want, and a blank, which is water vapor only, if I still want the hand-to-mouth habit thing.

The problem is getting used to this thing, dragging correctly, and getting the nicotine "hit" I'm craving. I've got to admit, I've cheated a time or two. But I'm TRYING.

Last night, before I went to bed, I was playing Bubble Island on Facebook. It was frustrating the heck out of me! I kept dying. Stupid game!

Once in bed, I couldn't sleep. The treat at Dairy Queen had given me gas. There's nothing more annoying that just dosing off and having to fart!

Then this morning, the frickin wind is STILL howling. I was totally comfortable and warm - you know, that morning "nest" where everything is perfect and you are loath to move... and the dog started clacking her teeth at me. Apparently she had held it as long as she was going to and it was time to go out...NOW. So I got up, let the dogs out, got dressed and headed out to feed.

It was cold and windy and I scowled all fifty feet to the barn. Naturally, everyone was starved! I got down to Jinx and when I went to toss a flake of alfalfa to her, she reached for it. (The mare came with HORRIBLE feed manners, though she's getting better) I want to open the feed door on the stall, and have her move her face out of the way until I drop the hay on the mat. Well, she reached for it, which sent a shower of hay dust and leaves swirling around, into my face, down my collar, and the hay fell on the OUTSIDE of the stall. Stupid horse! I growled at her until she backed off, then I tried again. This time, of course, the flake had started to disintegrate and I got another unwelcome shower.

I loaded up the wheelbarrow and went out to feed the boys and Shyanna. On my way back, fighting the wind and the cold, with my head down, I brought my foot forward and the wheelbarrow got a little off kilter, and I WHACK the front of my shin just above my ankle on the foot of the wheel barrow. Naturally, I swore. OUT LOUD!!

I put the wheel barrow away, closed up the barn, and started looking for my broom. I figure as long as I am now in a full-blown bitchy mood, I might as well go for a ride!

Have you seen it?


paintlover said...

OMG Karen... HUGS! I hate "those" days that carry over to the next....just think, they WILL get better!

I have been a LONG TIME follower and sorry, not sure if I have even posted. You are an amazing person!. You have done WONDERS for those unloved and uncared for babies.

I am with you with the quit smoking, I have TRIED cold turkey...gained the weight, cant do the patch...etc... I WILL have it DONE though, by THIS summer!

HUGS to YOU and all you do!!

Sally said...

Don't obsess about it, we all have stretches of "bitchy." I'm just glad the people and animals in my life have found a way to put up with it. :)

margaret said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has days like that! You should live in Oklahoma. The wind blows most all the time and the days it isn't, you wish it would because it is 114 degrees! And 100% humidity. You tend to search the SW sky for the tornado. LOL

Drsgjunky said...

Are you job shopping? Let me know. I'm seriously scanning that area and others. Early every morning for hours. If I come across something, more than happy to pass it along.

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen - if that is Bitchy then I'm the head broomstick owner!! hehe

My hubby has tried the e-cig also but he only lasted a day. He sucked so hard the first try he turned red - silly me started laughing - bad move on my part.

Not being a smoker, I really did try to encourage him but there the thing sits on the shelf. I really think it's a great help. Funny part is that after reading all the stuff on the internet and package, I wanted to try it myself. I have gadget/new toy itis.

At any rate - hugs to you Karen and remember Spring is around the corner!!

K.Park, Lk Wales, FL

Jenn said...

I hate shopping, too. I can't wait for clothes to actually be the size they are labeled, and the manufacturers to remember that we are not all staving models, and we therefore have MUSCLE tissue - all over - thighs, butts, bellies.... this thin-is-in shit has got to go!

luvredponies said...

Karen, if it is any consolation, your misery put a smile on my face for the first time this weekend. My husband asked for a divorce yesterday and I have been bawling and blowing snot ever since. As all horse owners know, relocating can be tough. I can't take all four of them, and they will go from 200 acres to a boarding facility. Anyhow, you made me laugh, so thank you for sharing your misery with us :)

Karen V said...

luvredponies - I'm so very sorry! I'm glad you got to smile! Geez, I just don't know what else to say. It makes my grumpiness seem silly and juvenile.

Have faith that you are stronger than you think you are, beautiful, and tough! This is just a patch of rough water that you WILL survive. Hang in there baby!

mrscravitz said...

Boy how I know, how the quitting smoking goes! It doesn't! LOL i was thinking of getting one of those e-cigs to see if it worked. I was doing really good, till I started this medifast diet, and I thought, "I can't get 100% healthy all at once", LOL, so the "not" smoking goes on the back burner AGAIN! I wish you luck though. It is dang hard.