Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's Coffee Time!

It was kind of an interesting day yesterday.

I spent most of the morning setting up the excel files for tracking our expenses. Being a "small farm", we depreciate our equipment, and write off feed and supplies, lowering our taxable income and giving up a wee bit of money back! We were able to write-off over $21,000 in expenses this year.

Just before lunch, I turned the horses out on the pasture and started cleaning stalls. Kaci is IN LOVE with Jazzy. He shadowed her every move, not grazing. He positioned himself between the other horses and "His Woman". His posturing at the babies (Frankie and Bullwinkle) was hysterical. I wish I'd had a camera! But I was working so the camera was inside.

Half way through getting the stalls cleaned, the hay guy showed up with hay. We paid $150/ton, plus $1/bales for delivery and stacking. This time I got Teff Grass hay. If you haven't heard of it, you can read about it here.

Jinx doesn't much like it. Neither does Kaci. I suppose if they get hungry enough they'll eat it. They had pretty much cleaned it up by this morning. Spoiled ponies!

Mike dug a hole with the tractor in the arena and we burn a BUNCH of old papers. When we were done, we pretty much filled the hole with water and covered it back up. Then Mike filled in the hole and packed it down.

Around 9:00 last night, Mike realized that we hadn't brought the mail in. So Kali and I walked out and there was a box in my mailbox. It was from Nikki and it had coffee in it! Nikki had talked about it on her blog and I think I had commented. Anyway, Silli Nikki sent me two different kinds to try! THANK YOU NIKKI! We are drinking the French Roast this morning. It's actually pretty good!

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Nikker said...

Thought you may need a little pick me up after this crappy start to the new year! While I was ordering for our house, Mindy's house, and another friend, I thought I'd grab you some too! ( : Enjoy!