Sunday, March 28, 2010


Horse Kids, that is.

I had to do some shuffling of horses. Shyanna has been out on pasture since she got here, and she's gotten kind of chunky. Plus, we were going to fertilize the pasture and to do that, Shyanna had to move. I figured I could build a big pen in the arena, move Millie into the pen. Piece of cake, right? WRONG!!

I got the halter on Millie, no problem. I walked her out the the arena, no problem. I had Kali get the buggywhip to run the boys off, no problem. I got Millie through the gate, WAAAAHHOOOOO!!! She took off with a buck and a fart, joined up with the boys, and they ALL went ripping around.

Kali was sort of in the middle of the arena with the buggy whip, and I was trying to get the gate latched so the three wild kids wouldn't get out. I finally got the gate latched, Kali made it to the rail and climbed over, and I got the panels set and open so I could lead Millie in, once I caught her.

So, as I was walking over to where the three kids were now huddled, two things occurred to me... (1) Millie was in heat, and (2) Frankie was thinking he might be a real man! Frankie had his head over Millie's withers and was rubbing lovingly on her.

I finally got Millie into the pen, and we got safely out of the arena. The boys acted like, well, boys for about an hour. It was pretty wild there for a few minutes, and Frankie almost "got some". (At least he was acting like he was going to "get some").

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EURCHIE said...

Great going gal..Guess I need to stop by more often .I have been missing a lot. horsecoach