Friday, March 12, 2010

Observation...OK, Now this is just weird!

Kaci is in LOVE with Jazzy. There's no question there! But I saw him do two things today that were just plain weird and I've never seen a horse do either!

First, Jazzy pee'd. After she walked off, Kaci went over and sniffed, pawed a little, turned his nose up, then pee'd over the top of it. I've seen male dogs cover a female's pee, but never a horse.

Then, he was standing in the pasture and pooped. As soon as he was done, he turned around and smelled it, squealed and kicked out with one back foot.

So tell me, is the horse weird? For those who have stallions, have you ever seen either of these behaviors? Is this a "stallion thing" or is Kaci just weird?


Nikker said...

I don't have a stallion, but I have Tony and the mini's weren't gelded until they were I have seen the pee thing. One of the mares will pee and if she is in season, the boys will literally line up to pee over it. It's funny to watch...I don't know how to tell who the "winner" is, but I am sure they do!
Never seen one poop and then react to their own poop. The mini's will build poop pyramids in the pasture...but thats different I guess!! ( :

Katharine Swan said...

I've heard of the first one before -- that's definitely stallion behavior. Haven't heard of the second one.

GreyDrakkon said...

I've heard of mustangs leaving "poo messages" for each other by pooping on old dung from other mustangs, but I don't think they get vocal about it. ;)

GreyDrakkon said...

Ok, today I saw a former stud (had been gelded the week before) poop in his stall, sniff it, then toss his head in the air and spin around, so maybe it IS a stud thing. :/

Karen V said...

Interesting... Kaci has been a gelding for a LONG time! I don't thinkhe was ever used as a stud. Weird none the less!