Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'll swear! The things that they do to themselves!

Kali came out to the barn while I was feeding and asked, "Mom, what did Bullwinkle do to his back legs? The hair is gone."

I grabbed a halter and the T-Zone Cream and found this...

His back legs are swollen and sore, but he let me doctor the worst of it - just on little place on one leg that shows white goop on the outside of the back right. The rest seems to be just serious rubbing with no blood. The only thing I can think of is that he got his legs through the panels, though "WHY" is a mystery!

The wounds are clean and dry and he should be fine in a day or two. Mike and I moved the panels out of the arena to prevent further stupidity on Bullwinkle's part!



GreyDrakkon said...

All horses come from the Murphy bloodline. "whatever can go wrong, WILL go wrong."

Horse Filled Days said...

I know how you feel, my horse cut his leg really bad on the INSIDE of a hay ring!! It has almost completely healed now, he will have a scar, but we were lucky, no permanant damage. It's almost like they go looking for something to get hurt on....hope Bullwinkle heals up soon!

Karla said...

Gah! I would have a heart attack if I were to find Honey like that! I hope he heals up quickly!

Karla said...

Not sure if his wounds are serious enough to need this or not, but here is a really informative thread about a product called Underwoods.

There are some graphic pictures, but it sounds like amazing stuff!

Karen V said...

I've heard of it and yes it DOES work. It's a two part - Underwood's, then you sprinkle on baking powder to "set" it. I have a barrel racing friend who uses it.

I have had very good luck with T-Zone and that's what I use. It even works with old tough scars that have proudflesh over the top.

Jazzy got burns from the electric tape - the only injury so far - and that's because she slid her pastern down the tape, rather than pulling back. She already had proudflesh started when I found it. Three days of slathering the T-Zone on AM and PM, and the scabs fell off, hair grew back, no scar.

It seals the wound and allows it to heal from the inside out, sort of like a scab. I swear by it.

With Bullwinkle, there was only one little spot that was broken open and had bled. The rest of it is a "burn" where he rubbed the hair off. The swelling is mostly down and he's walking fine.

verylargecolt said...

The "Murphy" bloodline! That is awesome!

I feel guilty because he's out with Frankie, the king of self-injury. Frankie probably gave him the idea!

verylargecolt said...
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Karen V said...

Yeah...Frankie suggested it then stood there and laughed when he got stuck. I thought Frankie had a snotty nose - he'd actually blown water out his nose laughing at BW!