Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm impressed....

I have Squirrel for sale and a gal from Portland, OR came today to try her out.

I told the gal that while Squirrel was broke, she was "ranch broke" and didn't have any of the refined skills some horses have. She hadn't been ridden in six months, didn't know how to lunge, didn't understand moving off of leg pressure other than to "go forward", and such.

Denise, the gal that tried her, was very soft, persistent, and quiet. She rode the way I wish I could ride.

Squirrel was a DREAM!! She figured out the lunging thing in about 5 minutes. BOTH WAYS! She learned to flex and give to bit pressure. She was moving off leg pressure after three circles. She picked up her leads on cue, figured out how to tip her hip in. She was such a good girl! She was very light and soft and responsive. She tried so hard!

If Denise doesn't buy her, I'm taking her off the market. I'm going to send her out for a 30 day tune up and start riding her myself! I'm also going to start taking lessons on her!

I was so impressed with the TRY this mare had, after six months of nothing but foot trims, worming, and a whole lot of standing around! If I was smart, I'd tell Denise that she was no longer available. She has until Thursday night to make up her mind. If I haven't heard from her by bedtime on Thursday, she'll be waking up to an e-mail from me that Squirrel is no longer available.


Karla said...

Well go figure! Maybe Squirrel knows she is for sale and doesn't want to be sold!

"look at what a good horsie I am Mom! You don't want to sell ME!"

Jenn said...

I don't know. Maybe this is the perfect home for her. They obviously got along fantastically. What more could you want to send a horse home to?

Katharine Swan said...

I'd let Denise buy her if she wants her, and just include a provision in the contract that you get buy back rights if she ever doesn't want her anymore. I agree with Jenn, it sounds like a good home for Squirrel. Sounds like she and Denise really connected.