Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What to do about Honey...

Remember my post from last weekend? The one where Honey was gimpy?


She's been pretty gimpy ever since. I thought it was from getting kicked. She was totally packing the damaged back ankle tonight and it was the size of a basketball.

I hosed it for about 15 minutes, gave her a double dose of B-L Solution, and helped her hobble back to her stall. It upsets me that she is in pain. She's been off and on with this ankle for the last year.

Last fall, she was REALLY off for about two weeks. That one happened in a mis-step in the arena. One minute she's tearing around, squalling and raising a ruckus, then next she's standing there holding her leg off the ground.

I have always known that the ankle was troublesome. I figured though, that it was an old injury and had fused. She keeps finding a way to re-injure it. I'd always thought that the pelvis was what was giving her the most trouble. That is now merely an after thought. And the funky, mis-shaped neck??? Nothing by comparison.

She still has a decent appetite, though she HAS lost a little weight. But it's obvious that she is not venturing far from the dinner plate and water. I cleaned her stall was like there was a glass wall keeping her from leaving the barn.

She is on so many supplements now that I feel like a chemist preparing her grain morning and night - B-L Solution for pain, Glucosamine/MSM Supplement for inflammation and joints, Chondroitin Supplement for joints, Liver Cleanse, Kidney Flush, Apple Cider Vinegar for digestion and coat. I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting.

I need a magic wand so I can make it all better!

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Poor Honey!