Monday, February 16, 2009


I WANT Spring! I WANT warm weather! I WANT to be able to mess around with my horses and not feel like I'm freezing! I'm tired of my hands being cold! I'm tired of gaining weight because I can't do anything outside. RAWR!!! I'm so tired of winter!!

Something weird happened to the tails of two of my horses. Dobbs and Jazzy both have full, long tails! Ok...HAD. It appeared that someone took 1/2 of their tail and cut a foot off. If you look it from the side, it's like the bottom is two levels. It happened when they were back at the barn. I'm baffled as to what happened. It's like someone cut it straight across. Hmmm....

It was warm enough on Saturday for Mike and I to ride. I saddled Jazzy and Dobbs, and we started out. Jazzy was a TOTAL terd and we ended up switching. It's amazing the crap she pulls on Mike. She tried with me, but only ended up backing for about 100 yards. After that, she behaved herself!

We wanted to go for a ride on Angel and Squirrel, but it's too dang cold. I think Mike will enjoy riding Squirrel - she's ranch broke, behaves, holds whatever pace you put her to, has no spooking issues, and is big enough to pack him around. As of yet though, we haven't had the chance. He is hyper-sensitive to cold, so it's not worth it!

So, we wait for warmer weather. *sigh*

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