Monday, February 9, 2009


Our yard isn't fenced. It just hasn't been a priority to fence it. When the dogs need to go out, we go with them. Since I'm a smoker, the job usually falls to me.

Tonight I was helping make spaghetti, which was AMAZING by the way! My husband is an awesome cook! I was cutting red bell pepper for the sauce and the dogs wanted out.

Boomer, our Lab, was sleeping after a long day of napping, so he stayed in. The two Jack Russells went out. Normally, they go out, go potty, and come right back in. I saw them tear across the back porch and by the time I got my coat on, they were long gone!

We called. We whistled! We drove around calling and whistling. We finished making dinner while our daughter drove around. No sign of them! NONE!!!

Just as we were serving up supper, there they were at the back door.


Apparently, they were visiting the neighbors' across the street and found nice firm cow pies to roll in. So we locked them in the kennel, ate our supper, then gave them a bath. Their second in four days. (They got a bath on Friday because we couldn't stand the smell of their "puppy feet".

So now my back hurts and the spaghetti has shifted into an uncomfortable position and I have indigestion.

Damn dogs! I'm saving up for chain link!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Just remember when you're putting up the chain link that terriers like to dig!

Karen V said...

I'm going to put in a concrete barrier - 6 inches wide and 2 feet deep, hotwire top and bottom and 6 inches from the bottom!

Our female SOMEHOW managed to get a hole in the chainlink kennel that is on the back patio!

Karen V said...

Oh yeah, forgot to add...when we're at work, they'll be locked in the kennel, on th concrete patio, inside the fence! The fence is just to slow them down...

Anonymous said...

No matter how cute they are, I know that JRT's aren't for me.

Now if our year old Aussie pup would outgrow the "shark" phase... He's chewed through more outdoor cable lines than I care to count! Comcast loves us! I'm sure that's why they never want to re-route the line...