Friday, February 20, 2009

Playing Ponies, and Herding Terds

Today was my Friday off, so after meeting my son for breakfast and coming home to have at least ONE decent cup of coffee, we went out to clean the runs.

REALLY CLEAN! The whole 70ft X 20ft of each run.

Horses poop...a LOT!!

As usual, they got turned out on pasture to run, buck, and blow off some steam! And as usual, we stood there for 10 minutes or so and watch them before actually getting any work done. There's not much grass out there yet, but they settled down to some heavy duty grazing just the same.

4 hours and 6 trailer loads of poop later, we were done. We re-strung the tapes, closed up the stall fronts, and returned the "babies" to their proper places.

Honey came in gimpy and on closer inspection found she'd caught a couple double barrels from Squirrel. She took one to the shoulde that actually took the hair off. But, there's no blood and she's now penned alone. Even though that Bitch Squirrel is next door, she can't be bullied. Honey is such a sweet heart. She stood still while I looked her over and she got an extra cuddle for her patience.

Now, about the squirts thing. Squirrel is REALLY bad. And now, so is Thai. AGAIN. Dobbs is also "squirty". Classy and Jazzy are loose, but not bad. ALL of them have been getting probiotics in the evenings, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm starting to think that the WONDERFUL hay that we are feeding is too rich - it's GREAT 4th cutting alfalfa/grass mix, really green.

So tomorrow morning, I'm off to buy bags of Orchard Grass pellets to see if that doesn't firm things up a bit.

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