Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th and Spring is JUST around the corner!

Well, I survived Friday the 13th. It was pretty quiet, all in all. I don't understand what all the fuss is about anyway!

As for Spring, 2 of the 8 horses here are starting to shed! Honey and Millie are shedding, which gives me hope that winter might actually end some time this calendar year!

The rest of them are holding onto their hair, but that's ok. Soon they all be shedding so badly that I can't keep up with all the hair! Some of my friends' horses have been shedding for several weeks!

I'm hoping for 45 degree weather with no wind so I can actually ride. I NEED to swing a leg over 4 of my horses. So the plan is to turn Thai and Classy out on pasture so I can use the arena. If I don't get bucked off, it'll be a good weekend!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


moosefied said...

I enjoyed the photos of Thai with Cathy up. Thai looks so sweet. I love happy old horses. Some day I'll be able to adopt one. Bullwinkle is shedding great floating mats of hair. He is also eating like a caterpillar and running and bucking like mad, daily. He charmed the farrier with his sweet behavior. Happy Valentine's Day!

Drsgjunky said...

Ok Karen..(remember me? - Drsgjunky)

I'm going to be spying on your blog as much as possible. I admit I've been missing the updates.

Re: Shedding. Not sure what's happening but my guy usually starts in January and he's still hanging on to those hairs. Hope that's not some sign. This has been the longest winter.

Will be following the blog. You're bookmarked.

Can't wait to get over there for some SUN!

Stay Warm.

Karen V said...

Drsgjunky - Don't just spy! Comment! The sharing of knowledge, little "tricks", and discussion of ideas is totally welcome.

There's a nice little place behind me (you can see part of it in the aerial view of my place on my photobucket). The follks only want $875,000 for it... I don't think it's worth that, personnally. They may be willing to come down a lot because it's been empty since October, and they are already living in their new home.

Moosefied - You really need to start a blog for Bullwinkle. Even if you don't have a "following", you can use it as an online diary of sorts, post pics and such for me and Cathy. It's amazing how much you can forget in such a short time. Even if you create it, you don't have to share the link with anyone, and it's FREE!

I was SO impressed with Thai! She was such a good girl...not even so much as a twitch when Cathy got on. I'm really going to miss her when Cathy takes her home in May!

I've been hoping for warmer weather, say like in the 50s, so I can take all the horses to the beauty parlor. Everyone needs clipped, mane and tails brushed and washed, you know...make them look like horses again, instead of yaks!