Saturday, February 7, 2009

Out of Shape!

My God! I feel like someone worked me over with a baseball bat! I am SORE! Some of it is from riding, but some is from stripping Dobb's stall.

Dobbs poops in his stall, then packs it, so it's like working poop pancakes loose from the floor. Very labor intensive!

Cathy came over after farm sitting in Ellensburg. She was closer than she usually is, so she came to meet Thai. We pulled Thai and Classy out and gave them a good brushing. We ended up washing butts. Thai has the runs, which I can't figure out because she's had no feed change (I did start her on a probiotic). Cathy thought perhaps she coming into season, which affects some horses. Classy's butt had left-overs (eeeww) from her unterine infection thing.

After we were done, Cathy wanted to get pics of Thai tacked up, so we did. We took the girls back to the arena. I penned Classy while Cathy worked with Thai and moved her around the arena. Then Cathy got brave and climbed on. Thai is such an AWESOME mare, she did NOTHING bad. If we go by the assumption that she went from the track to the broodmare farm, she hasn't been ridden in 19 years! Even when she was moving around the arena with pretty, BIG trot, there was no buck or fuss! She's really a nice mare and as a BONUS, she's sound!

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