Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moving Poo

I told you that my neighbor was quirky, didn't I? One of her quirks is that she doesn't like horse poop in her pens. (ok, well who does?) Or her pasture. Or anywhere on her property.

So she pays these kids to rake it up, pick it up and dump in on the manure pile. The pile just so happens to be back by our barn, near our horse trailer. If there are no horses in the arena, they'll dump it in there.

Now most people would take in the wheelbarrow, and dump a little at a time, spreading it out as best they can, rather than leaving piles. These kids (translated "stupid high school boys") dump it in piles. AND right inside the gate. And guess who gets to go out and spread it. ME!

Anyway, back to the pile. It had gotten pretty big so Mike and I decided to turn the babies out on pasture and move the manure to the arena. 3 hours later, the pile was moved. I have a chain harrow, so I drove in circles, spreading it out as best I could.

Then I hooked up the rototiller and drove around in more circles. I left a good space compacted near the gate where I feed the babies. The rest is nice and fluffy!

Fluffy arena dirt freaks out babies, did you know that? I ran the babies back into the arena and they walked every inch, nose down, doing that little snorty thing, smelly the nice fluffy dirt, ignoring the hay I'd put out.

Today is going to be another nice sunny day, so Mike and I will spend most of the morning repairing fences. The high winds last week took some down and we need to fix them.

I put a blanket on Frankie on Wednesday, to see for his mom if he'd outgrown his other blanket. I also dewormed everyone. I put the blanket on Frankie, checked the fit, then took it off and hung it on the fence, while I gave the kids their "candy". Frankie did the whole tongue thing, turned his lips inside out, then walked over and wiped his mouth on the blanket. Bullwinkle followed suit. Then all three babies stood there mouthing the blanket. So...when the weather is bad enough to put a blanket on Frankie, he'll have to be moved to the barn. Otherwise, I envision a shredded blanket by morning.

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