Sunday, November 22, 2009

Interested in Moving?


Well, not "much" of an update, but...

The house is being listed with Distinctive Properties. The address is 2909 N. Road 64, Pasco, WA 99301. The paperwork isn't done yet, so there isn't an MLS# (They're still doing paperwork)

Rumor has it she wants $325,000. This price seems high to me. Here's the kicker - she doesn't HAVE to dicker and she doesn't HAVE to sell! She owns the property out-right. She paid it off after her husband died. SO... she can hold out for her price and the property can stay on the market for as long as it take to get it.



My neighbor next door has decided to stay permanently in Arizona and is listing her house for sale. I meet with her realtor this afternoon so she can take down the specs. When it's listed, I'll post the MLS# and price, just in case someone might be interested in living next to a quirky horse lover!

The house is two story, two bedroom, two bath. One 1 1/3 acre. Gas fireplace and hot water heater. Two car garage. Nicely landscaped.

Three stall barn, I think it's 36 X 30, though not totally sure. There is one automatic, heated waterer. Two frost free water faucets - one on each end of the barn. HUGE loafing shed fenced separately. Fenced and cross fenced so all horses are separated. Fencing is 2 inch electric hot tape on lodge poles. Ground is sandy, so re-fencing (if wanted) would not be difficult. Solid-set irrigation. Pasture is a little over-grazed, but would come back nicely with fertilizer and over-seeding. There is electric plug for LQ horse trailer at the barn, and large space for trailer parking.

I can get pictures and post if anyone would like to do some "dreaming"!

In other news, we had some rain over-night, not much, just enough to knock down the dust. But as the storm is moving off to the east, we now have wind. Sustained 20 mph winds with gusts to 35 mph. Best described as blustery. Just strong enough to blow away the babies' breakfast if not protected.


Anonymous said...

IF only I won the lottery :D

k.park, lk wales. FL

Sabrina said...

I'd LOVE to move to the country (HATE city living)...and Washington would be nice...and being your neighbor would be a bonus!! Unfortunately moving isn't in the cards right now...finances and all the not so fun stuff! But who knows...maybe an unknown rich relative will leave me a ton of money...or something will happen that lands me with a bunch of money! Eh...probably not...but I can dream...right?!? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

It's been a while since I've checked in... I'm now fighting tears at my desk at work as I catch up on everything. I am so saddened by the loss of beau, but I find comfort in knowing that Beau got to experiance the good side of humanity, if only for a fleeting moment, he knew love, real love. You did the right thing by him Karen and for that you should be glad.

All the best,


Drsgjunky said...

I've been super busy and haven't checked in for a while.

Sorry to hear the news about Beau. He had the best before leaving us. Chin up, you'll find another that needs the help. There are SO many out there.

I think I found the listing.

Cute setup. I'd be very tempted if I could locate a job in the area. Still scoping that out. Will be sending a resume to a company called Cadwell this weekend (Kennewick). So few jobs in that area for my line of work. We're trying.

I wish the real estate Ad would have shown the barn/pasture. I'm especially interested in the barn.

You take care and give all the beasties a big hug and some pumpkin pie. :)

I'll be checking in later.

Happy TG.

Drsgjunky said...

BTW.. I checked out the county assessed market value. It's always going to be below the real market value. It's listed at $208,000. The asking price in this market is a stretch.

The problem with this.. Banks have gotten REALLY tight and they're not likely to lend more than the assessed value. I think we just went through that.

Unless someone is willing to buy it down to assessed value (or more), it sits. Not many people want to buy a house that will lose value upon closing. Realistically, I'd say between $275k-$300k. She might be able to squeeze $325. Depends upon the assessment.

Did anyone pick up the place behind you?

Karen V said...

Drsgjunky - Yes! That's the listing!

I think your assessment of the value is closer to realistic. However, the housing market has remained strong and stable. Our unemployment is way below the national average. AND, there aren't any "turn-key" horse properties in the area comparable, so I think that has something to do with the high price. That and the fast that she doesn't HAVE to sell if she doesn't get her price.

I can get pictures of the inside of the barn if you want. The fronts are just gates that are secured to the divider walls. Floors are sand with mats. She didn't pack the sand so they do need work - it's just physical labor though.

Same with the fences. They are "bad", but I would do them different. We have sandy ground here so it's a piece of cake to move posts around and make how you want it.

I asked her about the stalls once and she said they were fine. SO...if she can put her $100,000 barrel horse in there, well then who am I to say they need work?

Yes, someone bought the place at auction. They have one horse that has been there since September, but I don't think they've actually moved in. Not sure though, our hours and feed times don't mesh, so I can't be nosey and ask.

Anyway, I'll get pics of the inside of the barn, maybe tomorrow. It's really a cute place and has been well maintained.

mrscravitz said...

Well you just might have an empty house next to you for awhile. I pray you will get very nice neighbors when it does sell.