Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cathy Davis in Ohio!! Beau's Hero!

Cathy - THANK YOU! Cathy Davis from Ohio sent Beau an AMAZING winter blanket. It fits BEAUTIFULLY! It's still a little big in the chest, but that's because the little dude doesn't HAVE a chest! LOL!

EVERYONE - Send a Cathy a great big "Thank You" and a send some major hugs her way!

Who is this chubby little man??

Getting adjusted

Me and Beau! (He's thrilled, can you tell?)

His Majesty will NOT have his dinner interrupted!

All buttoned up for the night!

Thanks again Cathy! You're simply awesome!


Nikker said...

Cathy, you rock!! (Karen, you do too!!) What a great color!! He looks happy, healthy, and warm!

Dressager said...

Way to go Cathy! He looks so handsome and cozy! And totally a different horse.

Cheval Noire said...

Cathy you're a legend!!!

He looks wonderful and cosy in his sexy new rug and hard to believe he's the same horse.

Anonymous said...

That is just TOO cool! Thank you Cathy! Isn't it simply amazing how many wonderful people we can find! Karen, you are beautiful inside and out and I truly appreciate your friendship. Wow. Happy Friday everyone :)

hope4more said...

Way to go Cathy, that was so awesome! He looks so happy and cozy in his new blanket. A great big thank you to both you and Karen for doing such wonderful things for this handsome fellow!

OneDandyHorse said...

Cathy, you are a great person! Everyone in the horse world look up to you. People like you bring butterflies in our lives! Keep up the good work both of you!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Cathy for being such a generous, caring person !! And HUGS to you, Karen, for all you're doing for your horses!

Anonymous said...

Cathy Davis - you are an amazing and wonderful person.

You made Karen & Beau's day!!

Special place in heaven for you.


k.park lake wales, fl