Friday, November 27, 2009

Neighbor's Barn

I went over and took pics this morning. There are two big rool-up doors, one on each end. You can view the pictures here.

It's a cute little barn, perfect set-up for four horses.

Listing for the property here


Anonymous said...

We have a nice place over here...Port Bremerton...we want about the same for this place 2 stall barn with run-ins...3 bedrooms etc....too bad we cant trade! all it would do for me tho is give me just a tad more land...we have 1.85 acres Oh well...

Drsgjunky said...

Thanks for taking the pictures.

I'm looking for an enclosed barn with stall fronts and back doors you can open to separate runs.

It's a little small, property wise. I'd like some kind of arena to work in. We'll keep looking.

Thanks again.

Karen V said...

All the runs are fenced separately, and it'd be nothing to frame in the back of the barn to enclose it. There aren't many of those type properties over here...unless you build your own.

Any news on the job?