Friday, December 4, 2009

Beau's story WILL get told!

I was FINALLY able to find someone interested in telling Beau's story - the good, the bad, and the ugly. I sent her a summary write-up this morning and a few pictures. This evening, I forwarded the former owner's information and the Sheriff's name and the case number. After all, she has to tell both side of the story.

I am meeting with her on Sunday for an interview. I seriously doubt that I'll appear on camera, but perhaps one of my current rescues (Honey or Squirrel) will be a TV STAR!!!

This is going to be a multifaceted story - an expose if you will. Beau's story will will focus on beau and the neglect that he suffered. It will get neglected horses on people's minds and perhaps they will take action to prevent further suffering of a horse local to them. It will also educate them on the fact that old doesn't equal skinny. Now if we can just get that across to local law enforcement!

Another facet of this story will be the sound, sane saleable horses that end up in the killpen - either due to owner ignorance or economic reasons. That in turn will educate the public on the fact that horses really ARE still going to slaughter. Hopefully, that part of the story will drum up some much needed donations for SOS Equines here in town - who rescue exclusively from the killpen.

Then there's the plight of the racehorses. Fugly is on board to do an interview - when the reporter gets around to talking to her. We don't have a TB racetrack here in town so that is sort of "out there", but the goal here is to educate!

When the stories air, hopefully I'll be smart enough to figure out how to post it here on the blog. If not, I can always post a link to the stories.

In the meantime, if you'd like to contact the reporter and show your support for her interest and what this means for neglected horses, even ONE, her e-mail is:

Be sure to put "Beau's Story" as the subject. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

WOW Karen - what wonderful news!!!

So glad to hear all this and know that Beau's story will continue.

Got my smile for the day - thank you.

K.Park, Lk Wales, FL

Sally said...

That is great! Beau lives on...

Sabrina said...

Awesome!! :)

Caroline said...

What fantastic news!
Thank you so much for your dedication to those who cannot speak up for themselves.
Goooooo Karen!

Anonymous said...
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