Friday, November 13, 2009

Pictures of Beau - LOTS of them!

Ok..Here's a test. See if you can pick the "Before" and the "After" photos. For those just joining the blog, the "Before" pictures were taken between August 20, 2009 and August 25, 2009. "After" pictures today, November 13, 2009. (Friday the 13th - AAARRGH!)

Making faces at Squirrel. You can see just how much she really cares...

The Cuteness!


hope4more said...

OH WOW! Look at him! The little chunckster :o) He looks so good, way to go Karen! He is really a cute old guy.

Drillrider said...

Awesome job:

5-Before (way scary-poor guy)
12 through 18-After

What was the final word on charges since it is obvious that Beau shouldn't have looked like this to begin with?

Karen V said...

According to the Sheriff, no charges will be filed. Here's the Dumbass logic - "Asshole owner had three chances to do something about Beau (1) feed him, (2) give him away, or (3) put him down. Beau came to my house before the "3rd chance". And since the horse is in a better place and is improving, I'll just close the case and everyone is happy."

My only recourse is to shame the bastard, but I'm having trouble finding even someone in the media interested in callin out a selfish bastard who knowingly let his daughter's horse starve (nearly to death), especially if charges aren't being filed.

I still have a lot of anger and frustration about this, and aside from taking out a full page ad in the Tri-City Herald, I'm out of ideas.

I am comfident however, that there is a special place in hell reserved just for Phil Graves of Kennewick, WA!

Anonymous said...

Hows his foot? Is he still lame? He is so pretty now & finally looks like a real horse....thanks to all your hard work.

Karen V said...

Beau is VERY lame, very sore on his front foot. (Probably both, but is showing one worse than the other) I called my farrier and am waiting to hear back as to when he can make it over. Beau needs both shoes re-set, and depending on how much hoof wall is lost removing the shoes, we'll have to reapply the epoxy (which prevents crude from getting up into the void at the toe between the wall and the sole.

It is very touch and go at this point and to be honest, I am very worried about his prognosis. So far, he's holding his own.

Nikker said...

There is a special place in Hell for Mr. Graves, and a special place in Heaven for you!
He looks fantastic! Sure hope you get a good surprise when your ferrier sees him!

wino said...

Well done! He's looking amazing.

He's just about in need of a diet LOL.

Hope you solve the foot problem soon.

Karen V said...

Wino - Yeah...(smiling sheepishly)he's on a diet. I cut his feed by 6 pounds/day right before Mike and I left to visit Mike's mother. Just all of a sudden, he sort of puffed up. So I'm going to reduce his weight a little, and because Cathy Davis sent a blanket, he won't be cold if he loses a bit of weight. Losing weight will also most certainly help with the foot also.

I remember seeing pictures of Barbaro shortly before he was euthanized. I was shocked to see how skeletal he was, but I know, logically, it was because they were trying to prevent the hoof problems.

Anonymous said...


You have truly worked a miracle on this guy!!!

I am sooo sorry about your puppy, my heart just fell when I read that.

Thinking about cha

Denise Z

Laura said...

Thank you Karen for taking this boy in! He looks fabulous now! and So happy! :)

Sally said...

WOW! The difference is that someone cares. Beau is so lucky.

Anonymous said...

My jaw hurts from it hitting the ground so hard! He looks outstanding Karen!!!