Monday, November 9, 2009

Now THERE'S a first!

We've been at this house for four years. We owned horses for two years before that. I've slogged through the muck and the mud and gotten poo on my shoes and boots.

But tonight, for the first time ever, I got pooped on!

I was putting Beau's blanket on and he was "on point" at the neighbor across the pasture, who was moving around in the dark. I moved back to fasten the leg straps of his blanket and WHAMO! Beau poops! Right on my arm.

Luckily, his poops are firm. But still! EWWWW!!!


Katharine Swan said...

Haha! I'm always wary of that happening. Panama is a nervous pooper, and I've had to dodge out of the way a few times when picking his hind feet. :o)

Anonymous said...

they say it's good luck if a bird poops on you. I wonder what it means when a horse does it? :)

Drillrider said...

LOL--has happened to me several times. When grooming I always get a good fart in the face too!! Grooming must relax the gas right out of them...haha.

Anonymous said...

What is it they say..."If you haven't worn it, fell in it or mucked it - you haven't worked on a farm"
it = crap

On the positive side - like you said - it was FIRM. :D
I use to say to the kids it was refined grass - LOL

K.Park, Lk. Wales, FL

Anonymous said...

Who's the poo counter now??? Ba ha ha