Sunday, June 28, 2009

Millie Goes To School

Millie the Fillie went to school today!

Barb came to visit yesterday and we hung out and ate Thai food, and drank wine. Well, she drank wine, I drank Irish Cream and Diet Pepsi.

It was a very relaxing, no pressure weekend! I loved it!

So this morning, I fed the horses and we drank our coffee in the morning sunshine out on the porch. About 9:00, Barb perked up and said, "We should saddle Millie and see what happens."

So we did. We too her out to the arena, which is really a huge round pen, and free lunged her to "knock the stink off". (Thank You Mugwump for that term - I love it!)

Millie did good, so we flapped the saddle blanket on her. She wasn't thrill about it, but she tolerated it, so after a few minutes, Barb set the saddle on her. She jumped a little when Barb pushed the cinch off and it flopped against Millie's leg, but again, she tolerated it. Then Barb cinched her up. She was patient and let Millie move around, getting used to it. I then climbed out of the arena and Barb took the halter off.

When Barb stepped out of range, Millie exploded into NFR mode, bucking and rearing. She almost ran Barb over as she was trying to get out of the arena. She bucked out two little circles, then started trotting around. After about 10 minutes, Millie was standing at the rail, looking for cookies.

So Baarb climbed back into the arena and free lunged her. After a few minutes, we went into the house and watched from the front window. It was pretty anti-climactic.

We waited about 20 minutes, then went out to "rescue" Millie. We stripped the saddle, let her sniff it, then put it back on and cinched it up again. Barb lunged her a little, then we let Millie carry the saddle back to the barn.

All in all, it was a good little lesson!

Thank you Barb! You are wonderful!
(And yes it IS "just cheese"!)


fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I'm sorry I missed you but all the horses look WONDERFUL. I got a really pretty pic of Honey I need to send you.

The baby moose looks outstanding...I swear it's like we cloned Cecil. He's the spitting image of him, and has his same personality.

Karen V said...

We had to go get some Thai food. And of course, I over-ate and was miserable all night.

I'd never seen a horse who's coat was irridescent until I first saw Cecil. Da Moose shimmers like that. I just wish he'd grow slower. *sigh* I guess as long as he doesn't get too heavy, he'll be fine. My friend Barb thought he was a two year old.